Solicitation for Proposal for the procurement of a digital Asset Management System for the Government of Liberia

March 8, 2016

The USAID-Liberia Governance and Economic Management Support Project (USAID-GEMS) managed in Liberia by IBI International, a development consulting firm based in the USA and operating in Liberia, is seeking a Solution Provider to provide a digital Asset Management System to the Government of Liberia (GOL).  The General Services Agency (GSA) is the lead agency that ensures that all government assets are accounted for and well administered.  The GSA wishes to improve its existing Asset Management practices by introducing a digital system that will bring efficiency benefits, improved control and reporting, good integration into other government systems, and provide a platform for further improvement.


The deadline for proposals for this solicitation has been extended to by 17:00 GMT on April 17, 2016.


Questions submitted by email before March 20, 2016 and their corresponding answers are below: 

Question :  In the Solicitation for Proposal,  Sunday,  March 29 is given as the final date for submissions. The 29th is a Tuesday, not Sunday.  Is this a mistake?

Answer : This is a mistake.  The final date is Tuesday,  March 29th 2016

Question : In the Specifications document: page 20 6.3a:  Why should the letter of credit or bank guarantee be drawn on a Bank in Sierra Leone?  Would you accept documents from a U.S.A. or a Liberia-based bank?

Answer:  This is a mistake. A U.S.A or Liberia-based bank is acceptable.


Please find the Solicitation for Proposal and supporting documentation below:






























Below are GSA manuals included for your reference:






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